How to Overcome Procrastination and Stop Wasting Your Marketing Time

You know you should start increasing awareness for an upcoming product ASAP, but you keep saying “there’s plenty of time!” You gotta stop wasting your marketing time. Procrastination is a bad habit, but you can overcome it. We’ll offer tips that help you do that!

1. Put Your Tasks in Written

You have something to do, every single day. On really busy days, you have to publish something across all social media networks and monitor the activity of their users. A list of tasks to do will give you realistic expectations and will keep you focused.

2. Schedule Messaging Time

When you’re dealing with marketing, social media platforms are not the biggest distraction. It’s your email. It’s important to answer messages, but do it at a precise time.

3. Take Productivity-Boosting Breaks

Constant work leads to burnout. Take short breaks that will help you recharge.

4. Do Your Research, Every Single Time

Do not skip the audience analysis under any circumstances. If you don’t have that basis of information, you’ll procrastinate the other steps of the marketing process.

5. Find Your Motivation

Why are you in this marketing project? What motivated you to start? Keep that spark alive and it will keep you going.

Procrastination can undermine your chances for success. It’s time to start fighting it!

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