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Are you interested to contribute and write a guest post for us? We are excited to see it! Here is how you can do it:

  1. Send us a few topics, that you can write about, and we will choose which one we like. Topics should be related to economics, finances, business, marketing, etc. Don’t send us a full article, until we choose the topic.
  2. Include a few links to your previous works, if you have any.
  3. Before sending your pitch, read the guidelines!
  4. If you don’t get a response – don’t send follow-ups: cause we are, probably, not interested. Generic follow-ups and responses would be reported as spam.

Guest posts guidelines for writers

  1. We don’t pay for posts. You also are not obligated to pay for the post publishing.
  2. Article should be original, unique, 700-1500 words long. Also you have to provide a summary/teaser 150 – 300 characters long to be featured on the home page.
  3. After we publish article, all copyrights to it goes to us and you can’t post it anywhere else, unless you provide a dofollow hyperlink to it on finanz4u. We reserve the rights to edit the article and decline/delete it without further notice.
  4. Try not to use external links to any sites in your article, unless you absolutely have to mention some authoritative website, like forbes, nyt, etc. All unrelevant links would be edited.
  5. You get an author’s byline in the end of the article, where you are allowed to put one nofollow link to your website and links to your social media. Other linking options could be available as a part of sponsorship or link/guest post exchange.
  6. You should promote your article on your social media, your site, reference it on your future articles, so you will be able to get more attention to it.

If all the above is suitable for you, send us your pitch with a subject `Guest Post Submission` here: