How to enter a foreign market

Foreign markets can be very attractive to a business looking for new customers, especially when its home market is becoming saturated. Such an expansion, however, needs to be thoroughly researched and carefully planned to ensure that the timing is right. To begin with, a business needs to have successful products…

Reasons why outsourcing and global production exists

Global companies place production facilities when costs are lowest. But for some companies costs are only a small part of the production picture. Countries along the world have increased the number of trade barriers, but in another hand market in Asia and Eastern Europe have opened for foreign investment. This…

Ford, Honda and global economy of scale

Rising costs and different tastes in car styling made the industry giants to use the global economy of scale. But companies like Ford and Honda chose different ways of development. Ford is one of the world’s earliest multinationals. Its first foreign production unit was set up in 1904 in Canada….

Importance of organizational structure for business

There is absolutely fundamental need in company for a solid structure. Organizational structure concerns who reports to whom in the company and how elements are grouped together. A new company cannot go forward with out this. There are several organizational structures companies can choose from. The most popular structure is…

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