How to Be a Great Blogger: Tips for Beginners

Blogging is probably one of the most popular digital trends in today’s world. Nowadays, to be a great blogger, you need to find and consume the right information, strategize your activities effectively, and take action on a consistent basis.

In the present moment, you can find unlimited educational information on almost any topic that concerns “blogging”. However, you need to carefully select the information you consume and prioritize action. Being a blogger is easy – everyone can do it. Being a great blogger though…that’s an entirely different thing.

In today’s post, we’re presenting several insightful tips for every beginner blogger. Keep in mind that the difference between you and your biggest competitors lie in your standards, strategizing, expectations, and work ethics. Follow our tips with caution and notice blogging performance quickly improving.

1.    Decide Your Niche and Audience

First things first. A blog is a digital place, usually integrated into a bigger place called a website. So, your blog is basically the place where your content lives. It is the place where people arrive to read your educational content.

Therefore, the first step of starting a blog involves the niche and audience selection. Basically, you need to decide (once and for all) what you’re going to write about and who your target audience is.

For example. If you want to write about pregnancy, you should niche down the topic even more and choose “pregnancy for first-time mothers”. In this case, you’ll write about topics that’ll respond to the questions and issues of first-time mothers. Once you know your niche and audience, you can plan your future content creation and distribution.

2.    Establish Your Blog’s Unique Value Proposition

Unique value proposition…such a simple term to understand. Simply put, your blog’s unique value proposition is the unique potential value that your blog is promising. It is a precise statement that lets people know why they should choose you instead of your competitors.

Generally, it states how your content or products will solve your prospects’ problems and displays the benefits that can be expected. Here are some great examples of strong unique value propositions.

3.    Plan a Content Marketing Strategy

Once you have your niche, audience, and unique value proposition, it’s time to think about your content. Every blog is entirely dependent on fresh, unique, and valuable content. Basically, that’s the reason people read blogs – to solve their problems and satisfy their needs no matter the topic.

Start by brainstorming different topics that you believe that your target audience will be eager to consume. Then, start your research and find out more about the present trends in your niche. Use Buzzsumo to find the most shared content in your niche and note down all the headlines that you have in mind.

Once you have the topics ready, establish strict deadlines and always commit to sticking to them. The last step is the action. Write your articles based on good research. Never publish a blog post unless it truly provides value and it is worthy of reading.

4.    Develop a Strong Social Presence

Social media channels are the channels of distribution that will make your blog complete. Once you took care of the development of your blog’s content strategy, you need to generate traffic back to your blog.

To be exact, you have to “move” people from point X (social channels) to the point Y (your blog). You can do this by developing a professional business page that will incorporate most of your blog’s content. Every time you publish something on your blog, you will distribute it on social media too, so people can become familiar with your work.

There are many strategies for developing a powerful social media presence, and you should carefully choose only a few. Also, make sure that you stick to one or two social media networks only, preferably the ones that are best suited for your target audience.

5.    Analyze, Measure and Optimize Your Blog’s Performance

Lastly yet most importantly, you must always be in control with everything that’s going on with your blog. You must know how many unique visitors you get daily and monthly, you need to understand what aspects of your website are disappointing or pleasing your audience, and you need to know whether your audience reads your content entirely or just small pieces.

Everything I mentioned above can be tracked and measured with the use of website analytics software. Many of these tools are free and easy to use, so you really have no excuse.

Great bloggers are always analyzing, tracking, and optimizing their actions in order to generate better results. To achieve greatness and become a significant blogger in any niche, a continuous growth mindset is always necessary. Be consistent and persistent, always keep improving and never give up!


Blogging is often more difficult than it seems, and you should always treat it seriously. Your blog can be spectacular even if you’re new in the niche. As long as you provide a lot of value to your blog readers, you’ll gain their trust and loyalty. Lastly, to become a successful blogger, treat your blogging career as a challenging yet rewarding journey and dedicate one hundred percent to everything you do.

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