Governments Engaged in Digital Diplomacy through Social Media

Digital diplomacy is the new buzz word that governments are following nowadays. Social media unites people globally for any common or serious problem. Their voices are the power and determined only by Likes and Shares provided by them. Let us see the importance of government getting engaged in digital diplomacy through social media.

Public diplomacy – Part included for digital diplomacy

Ancient history indicates that many foreign governments ruled foreign lands. During those times, public Diplomacy was an essential part of Soft Power. Modern public diplomacy is getting defined by leading America and others. Leaders aim is that the general public should be the citizens of the country and if any has foreign policies, then advertisements are published in foreign newspapers and makes the brilliant youths to study in their own countries and students from others to study there and exports cultural elements.


Besides the traditional old days, nowadays advertisements are getting published in Cyberspace/Cyburbia as modern generation spending lot of time in a way of email communication, social networking etc., one need not always be in front of computer and internet to watch the events for that. Instead they can access their favorite Facebook or Twitter via iPad, smartphones, Apple TV etc.,

Power of government in understanding social media

Using the cyberspace as common, many governments are making steps by hearing the voice of public. Usage of digital media is less expensive only. In fact cyber war itself getting happened via cyber media between different government bodies. Vote casting, poll casting etc., are determined in cyburbia itself by the public. Each leader is moving their next steps only via cyburbia. Social media helps to create more political pressures. People are so smart in delivering their messages and leaders of the government should find different tactics to encourage citizens in a difficult country.

Keys to Digital Diplomacy

Shape a message quickly and adapt it as conditions change

Reaching out mass public is easily getting done by social media. Continuous reviews will be spread from public whenever there is a global warming prevails or any sensitive issue occurs. Social media easily brings out emotions of the people and also playing as an helping hand to divert the public to positive ways by means of hearing their leader’s speech spontaneously.

Engage in dialogue with the target audiences in the foreign country

Soft power tool meaning making the brilliant brains to stay in their own countries and continue the studies and do their service to the society as well as bringing brilliant brains from foreign lands. In earlier days communication was not happening in spontaneous ways but because of social media, nowadays it has become easy.


Diplomacy is one’s country’s property. It is the responsibility of the government to hold it and it should not be given it as ease. Social media are the best marketing media to spread the diplomatic news and modern generation’s vote is for social media and communication will be easily reached if governments engage digital-diplomacy through social media in right way.

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