How to Own A Business as an Introvert

Life is easy for extroverts. They are talkative, make friends easily, and don’t have any problems participating in groups or teams. Introverts, however, suffer a much bigger pressure when facing other people, which can even interfere with their business plans.

An introvert is someone who is characterized by introversion, particularly a person who is reserved, shy, and enjoys spending time alone. Such individuals need more time to approach someone new and establish quality relationships. But it doesn’t mean that introverts cannot run their own businesses.

On the contrary, most introverts possess a special set of skills that give them the potential to achieve outstanding results. Their qualities include:

  • Creativity: Introverts are creative persons and they can come up with excellent business ideas.
  • Listening skills: They are also ready to listen to the people around them, which is a great trait for business owners who want to build productive teams.
  • Concentration: Introverts pay attention to everything they do and focus 100%.
  • Attention to detail: As genuine observers, introverts notice even the smallest details around them.
  • Goal-oriented: This might as well be the best quality of an introvert. Namely, such individuals are goal-driven and they rarely ever give up.

The benefits of being an introvert are obvious, but how can you make use of these traits to become a successful business owner? Keep reading as we are about to show you the simplest ways to achieve this objective!

1.     Select Your Business Cleverly

If you want to become a productive introvert businessman, you need to choose the right industry or niche that suits your personality. Take your strengths into account and try to find something that perfectly aligns with your skills and core values.

For instance, you may be prone to individual activities such as writing. In this case, you can consider launching your own content creation agency. The idea is to use your knowledge in a way that suits you the most.

The same goes for other jobs that demand strong and self-aware individuals. This includes computer programming, graphic and web design, and many other occupations. The only task is to identify your talents and plan accordingly.

2.     Reduce Interactions to the Minimum

As a business owner, you get to determine the most desirable model of work. Once again, it must be something that complies with your communication skills, values, and points of view. Of course, this means opting for a business that minimizes interaction demands and allows you to work freely and independently most of the time.

For example, you will avoid projects involving numerous stakeholders because it forces you to waste a lot of strength coordinating between partners. Another valuable suggestion, which was given to us from Bartosz Szymon, one of the shops managers of “Kwiaciarnia Giftbar Warszawa is to focus on smaller projects at first as it will give you the opportunity to practice and build communication skills gradually. As you keep improving, you can start implementing bigger projects along the way – that’s how their flower business grew.

3.     Find an Extrovert Business Partner

Here is a good tip for introverts who want to launch a business that requires a lot of interpersonal communication. If this is impossible to avoid, you can partner with an extrovert who is reliable and highly professional.

When you think about it for a while, you will realize that it’s a perfect solution because it brings together the best of both worlds. You and your business partner get to complement and augment each other, so the company itself cannot lack quality from both sides of the communication spectrum.

4.     Use Digital Communication Tools

All of you introverts out there who don’t appreciate face-to-face interaction can enjoy the privilege of digital technologies. The year is 2019 and you can find tons of communication platforms suitable for daily information exchanges.

You can always use good old emails to talk to your employees and clients, but there are many other options to consider here. For instance, you can hire workers via freelancing networks such as Upwork and find the most promising candidates rather quickly.

Another solution is to rely on agile project management tools like Jira or Trello. Such platforms give you the opportunity to transfer the entire communication into the digital environment and monitor the progress of each project without boring one-on-one interactions.

5.     Improve Communication Skills

We mentioned this before, but it’s important to highlight it once again. Although you are an introvert, it doesn’t give you the right to remain passive and avoid interpersonal communication completely. You should work on it long-term because it will make you a better business person and also boost your confidence and professional authority.


Introverts are facing a lot of practical problems in their daily lives, but that doesn’t make them any less talented business-wise. On the contrary, they have a whole range of skills which make them even more suitable for business activities.

In this post, we discussed five ways how to launch your own company as an introvert. Do you think you can cope with this challenge? Show us your opinion in comments and we will be glad to discuss it with you!

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