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Sales Intelligence Tools for Prospecting

Do you feel like converting prospects into customers is getting increasingly difficult? If you do, you are not alone as more than 40% of salespeople say prospecting is the most challenging part of the sales process.

Years of experience have taught us that it’s much better to create a small base of verified leads than to rely on ancient ‘one size fits all’ prospecting strategies. But this is something you can hardly achieve single-handedly. On the contrary, it takes a powerful intelligence tool to help you with prospect detection.

Studies show that only 34% of sales leaders have intelligent forecasting, but 90% among them say it helps them do their job more effectively. Prospecting software is a precious sales mechanism, but do you know how to choose the right one? In case you are not sure, keep reading as we are about to show you 10 sales intelligence tools for prospecting.

1.     DiscoverOrg

We open the list with DiscoverOrg, a comprehensive lead generation platform that enables users to bring credible and data-driven decisions. The tool has powerful filtering capabilities which make it possible to divide potential buyers into logical units based on their interests and purchase intents. DiscoverOrg doesn’t have a unified pricing policy because they customize products according to clients’ needs, so you’ll have to check it out for yourself.

2.     Datanyze

Datanyze turns prospecting upside down by analyzing technologies rather than possible clients. What does it really mean? To put it simply, Datanyze specializes in technology tracking. It will give you insights into prospects’ emailing platforms or content management systems, thus helping you to create the corresponding offers. And just like the previous tool on our list, Datanyze also doesn’t have a universal pricelist.

3.     Clearbit

Clearbit is an all-encompassing sales platform that comes with a special unit dedicated to prospecting only. It recognizes potential clients and sorts them by names, locations, industries, technologies used, and many additional features. The platform administers over 200 million B2B contacts, which drastically speeds up prospecting and gives clients the opportunity to begin with sales activities immediately. Clearbit offers monthly or annual pricing deals, but you still need to negotiate.

4.     Crystal

Crystal does not only help you to identify prospects on the organizational level but it takes the extra mile by analyzing the personality of a person you are about to negotiate with. The best writing services use Crystal to evaluate possible clients and here’s what they say about the platform: “Crystal uses seemingly unrelated social media information to create an accurate overview of each prospect individually.” The basic functions are free, but you can buy the pro version for $29 a month.

5.     Data HQ

Just like the name suggests, Data HQ is ideal if you want to “find new prospects, source new data or buy mailing lists.” What we love about Data HQ is the fact that they present conclusions very clearly even though they have to analyze gigantic data libraries. Data HQ doesn’t have a standard pricelist, but their services aren’t all that cheap.

6.     LinkedIn Sales Navigator

As the largest business-oriented social network, LinkedIn decided to create its own version of a prospecting tool. LinkedIn Sales Generator enables ultra-precise audience targeting, but it also helps you to understand every lead and engage with them in the most suitable way. It’s a precious source for B2B sales managers and it costs $80 a month.

7.     Everstring

Everstring is the king of personalization. The platform creates comprehensive evaluations, technographics, firmographics, and customer insights using Artificial Intelligence. Everstring relies on massive web crawling engines to accumulate data and extract relevant information only. Therefore, it allows you to find similar companies and identify purchase intents. Everstring has a wide range of features, so you’ll need to discuss the price with the developers.

8.     Inside View

If you want to clear your database and eliminate annoying duplicates, then Inside View is the way to go for you. Of course, this is not all you get since the platform also enables you to discover new markets and gain valuable customer insights. Pricing once again depends on your specific demands, so make sure to contact Inside View for additional information.

9.     Vainu

Vainu is one of the finest prospecting solutions currently available on the market. The tool really covers a wide range of functions and allows you to identify verified leads in no time. With Vainu, you can use numerous filtering functions, create prospect groups, visualize client-related information, and many more. The price depends on your needs and the number of users.

10. Lead IQ

Lead IQ is a simple but useful sales intelligence tool that eliminates the need for boring data administration and manual work. With this platform at your disposal, you can discover relevant emails and other prospect-related information, while there are also additional collaboration features your sales team can use to boost productivity. The so-called Solo Lead IQ package costs $60 per month.


Selling products or services is easy if you are dealing with the right prospects, but the job becomes much more difficult if you are reaching out to unverified leads. In this article, we presented 10 sales intelligence tools that guarantee quality prospecting.

Have you ever tries one of these platforms? Do you have other interesting suggestions to share with our readers? Let us know in comments and we will be glad to discuss it!

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