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Integrating Marketing with Other Business Solutions: Here are the Best Options for Your Company

The marketing branch of your business should ideally be using many different platforms such as PPC, SEO, social media and content marketing. However, you also need to expand the horizons for your marketing department and sync it up with other business solutions.

This might be to train the employees of the department to produce better marketing results, or simply increase the number of tools that the department has at their disposal. In this article you’ll be presented with a number of business related solutions that can also be used with your marketing department to great effect.

Outsource to specific professionals

Companies like Kathryn Aragon Media handle specific tasks than can reduce the burden on your marketing department. This particular company deals with content marketing. If you don’t have a specialist in the content marketing field in your marketing department then hiring this company makes sense.

It’s also a great way to teach your current employees on professional content marketing practices. Let’s say after a year of using this company your marketing employees might be able to execute content marketing for themselves. They can learn how to write articles, professional essays, website content and much more.

This type of business solution somewhat automates some of the marketing for you, but it does come at a cost. For the most part these type of services are cost-effective, otherwise they couldn’t have clients who hire them.

The number 1 freelancer platform in the world is, and you might have never thought of it as a business solution, but it is. At this site you can hire an individual or teams of individuals that can perform certain marketing tasks for you.

This could be to create a marketing video to put up on YouTube, or attract lots of backlinks to your new site to increase the quality of the off-page SEO.

Not sure you can trust the individuals working through Upwork? Well there is a feedback system and tracked history that you can inspect before making the hire. Comments from their previous clients will be left, and if you’ve come across a rotten apple then you’ll find out soon enough.

There are thousands of users that join every month across a very wide range of skill sets – anything from a programmer to a professional video editor. Also it’s convenient knowing that you can hire them for when you need them, not having to worry about pensions, health care and so on. And if you need some simpler tasks – you can try Fiverr.

This business tool is a form of accounting that leaves nothing to the imagination. It helps with managing a marketing department as you’ll know exactly how much money is going in and how much money it is generating.

Wondering how much of the marketing budget was used in activities that generated no sales? Well with this business tool you can find out. Keeping track of the money as it is flowing around your business means that you can better manage marketing investments for future projects.

Also it comes with software that allows graphs to be generated for presentations. Let’s say that you want to ask your boss for a higher amount of funds in a particular marketing branch. With a graph that justifies your reasoning you can do that here.


You might view Skype as a way of keeping touch with your loved ones who are a long way away, however for some businesses it can become an irreplaceable tool. In terms of the marketing department it can be used to aggressively work on leads to turn hesitant viewers into buyers.

For instance, you could ask for the Skype names of people on your email list, but for a chance to explain your products a bit better and increase the chances of making that conversion.

There are plenty of genius ways that you could integrate Skype into your marketing campaign, and the best part is that it’s one of the most widely accepted forms of communication out there.

Google Docs

The document sharing feature released by Google known as Google Docs or Google Drive is becoming one of the preferred ways of sharing documents online. The marketing department can easily be synced up in the cloud using this software package which is free. This is music to the ears of business owners that have a limited budget and need to keep costs down to a minimum.

Adding and removing new people to the document sharing platform is easy, as all they need is an e-mail address at Gmail. There are a number of ways that Google Docs can be utilized such as conducting live surveys, performing site evaluations and collaborating in real time.

Play around with it for yourself to see what kind of results you can get when trying to optimize the efficiency of your marketing department.

A Profile on Linkedln

Having a business profile on Linkedln is great for any business, and especially for marketing departments. When marketing to the customer this social media profile might not be that important. However, if you want to collaborate with other businesses in a marketing campaign then a Linkedln social media profile is a must.

It allows you to connect with a number of professionals in the marketing industry and work out an agreement that suits you both. It’s a business solution that’s free to use and can improve the public profile of your company.


The different business solutions above can easily be integrated with marketing departments of any company out there. It doesn’t matter what industry they are operating in or what their marketing budget is.

The idea behind integrating marketing with business tools is no only to save on costs, but also make the most of what you have around you. For instance, if you had plenty of window space in front of your shop, then you’d use it wisely to show off your products to people passing by.

Give each of the different business solutions or tools a try to see how they can make a change to your marketing efforts. It might be the case that once you try something out you won’t be able to go back.

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